The Real Mr. F

I still have this shirt.

The Trial of the Big, Bad Wolf

I am the BBW

In Triplicate

you even took the yellow copy

Five Platonic Solids

Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Dodecahedron (with animals!), Icosahedron

Erdős Ping Pong

Paul Erdős playing ping pong with Fan Chung. Ronald Graham can be seen in the background jumping on a trampoline.

Video clip from George Csicsery's film "N is a Number"

Audio clip from a remix of "Pop The Glock" by Uffie
"[Shoulder Lean Intro] Pop The Glock (Paul Devro remix)"

Paul Devro:
Young Dro:

Merry Xmas 2004

Passport to Friendship flag stickers

Nintendo Instruction Booklets

Nintendo Instruction Booklets